Lighting has come such a long way...we no longer have to choose if we want the lights on or off. With dimmers, motion sensors and more, we get to decide! To me, light-its lack of, quality, placement is key in how much (or how little) you enjoy a room from day to day. You can use lighting to create a mood or vice versa. One of my favorite types on fixtures to specify are pendants, but a pendant can be tricky. It's important to figure out the appropriate diameter of a fixture for a space. You may ask yourself, how large is the space I'm looking to illuminate, will anyone be sitting directly under the pendant, depending on the diameter of the pendant, how many will I need to use to get the desired affect?? In general, an odd number of fixtures say (3) pendants, (5) sconces will be more aesthetically pleasing in a room than an even number. One rule of thumb: add together the length and width of the room, in feet. That same number in inches, would be a suggested width for say a chandelier. *Example: You have a room that is 12 x 12, look for a light fixture 24" across. Try different types of lighting to create your mood and remember proper layering of light, can enhance the color and ambience of your space, use (3) layers of light - overall, task and accent.

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