I think we can all agree 3 M's Command hooks are pretty awesome! You can apply them almost anywhere. You can easily remove them without damaging the wall or having to break out your tool kit to hang something. Here are 15 ingenious ways to use them that I had to share…

  • Hide Cables

  • Mount Electronics to the wall (that awkward router)

  • Hang Headphones on a Monitor

  • Hang Curtain Rods (a simple café rod in a tight spot)

  • Keep Garbage Bags from Slipping into the Can

  • Mount Foil and Plastic Wrap (by putting hooks on either end of box)

  • Organize pot lids (hook on the inside of a cabinet door)

  • Hang Hook-Unfriendly Items (gloves)

  • Attach Scoops to Containers (the dogs food cup)

  • Mount Toothbrushes

  • Hang Holiday Décor (Wreaths, etc.)

  • Hold Glasses/Sunglasses

  • Create Tablet Stations

  • Make a Changeable Artwork Display

  • Make a Shoe Rack

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