Here are a few “Rules of Thumb” for those of you that are not ready for a full blown remodel, but looking to Restyle your home. Start with cleaning and decluttering. Sometimes this can be hard to do, when you live in the same space every day. So recruit a friend, family member or Interior Designer, to help you edit your home. Go room by room and ask for hints on accessories that really need to go, and staple items that are non-negotiable! Then, try and remove one or two things from each room. I recently had my mom over to my home and asked her, “What needs to go”? It was eye-opening to have a different perspective and she really made some great suggestions. Yes, even I need help!

After you tidy up, put some thought into your space. Start by sprucing up a room with a new rug, add color and texture with pillows, update lampshades, add a coat of paint to a tired and dated piece of furniture or consider reupholstery, and my favorite…pamper yourself with new bedding! If you are looking for inexpensive options, bring in the season of Fall with scented candles, diffusers, a crisp new dining table runner and fresh powder room linens.

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