I know it sounds silly to say you should catch up with your closet, but come on, everyone has a relationship with their closet. Maybe not just one you are aware of! We all know relationships can be LOVE - HATE;) So, if you take time to catch up with your closet, you will LOVE what it gives you back in return...I'm using the term "Catch Up" real loosely. Let me explain: Toss a few old things you have not worn recently, get rid of ugly dry cleaner hangers or part with a skirt that may not be age appropriate anymore. Everyone always feels better and more connected with a friend, after making time to Catch Up! So, nurture your relationship with your closet and you will become more efficient and decrease the chance of a closet crisis.


1. Have you worn it in the last year?

2. Does it fit, how does it look?

3. Not wearing, can you return it?

4. Will you ever where it again or does it have sentimental value?

5. If it is torn, broken or stained and you do not plan on fixing now, toss it!

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