Personalize a space in your home, by creating a gallery wall. A gallery wall is easy to create and the color schemes/themes are endless. Express your personality in the objects you are searching for. Take time, and try not to rush it! Start by figuring out the wall space where your gallery will hang. Look at the wall and take notice of the overall dimensions. Decide if your layout will be vertical or horizontal? Then, check out collage templates for inspiration or begin to layout your items on the floor. Play around with the grouping layout and trace paper templates to match your objects. When you have a configuration you find appealing…transfer your paper shapes to the wall, measure, tape, nail and hang!Create a gallery wall in 5 easy steps!

1. Locate wall or space.

2. Start collecting objects.

3. Create groupings on the floor with your objects.

4. Trace paper templates that follow the outline of your objects.

5. Transfer templates to the wall, measure, tape, nail and hang!

- TIP: If you are creating a gallery above a piece of furniture, don't forget to leave enough space to add accessories.

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