Many of today’s popular patterns have been around for centuries. Some come and go, while others remain somewhat timeless or play off of other trending motives. Today, I'm talking about 3 patterns, which continue to make a comeback...chevron, stripe and ikat. No matter how many times we say, "Please, just no more chevron", it always seems to make its way back into the design scheme. The chevron pattern dates back to ancient Greece and can be see throughout the history of architecture. I tend to obsess over a more sophisticated chevron, like a traditional herringbone. Then, when we take the zig-zag out of the chevron, we are left with a line or stripe. Stripes are so classic and probably one of my favorites. I'm torn between the flow a horizontal stripe can make and the impact a vertical stripe can create. With repetition and size variation, stripes can be calming, serious or even draw us in. Which brings us to the alluring ikat pattern. Its exotic appeal enriches interiors, and can enhance even the simplest design. Ikat is visible in textiles ranging from Southeast Asia to South America to the Middle East and beyond. Because of its world-wide influence, ikat is everywhere. Some of my go-to applications for ikat are pillows and accent chairs. Try working in one of the ever so trending chevron, stripe or ikat patterns into your design.

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