During a new design consultation, I often ask a client to compare the process of making a cake, to the process of Interior Design. I reference this analogy, because people have often told me that they find Interior Design to be somewhat overwhelming. I have been practicing for over 10 years, and I too, become overwhelmed with the endless possibilities of design. So, here goes the comparison!

Before you jump right into baking a cake, you'll want to take some time to brain-storm...look online and gather pictures of beautiful desserts. Ask friends for recipes. If you do not feel comfortable making the cake yourself, check out local bakeries. Starting the Interior Design process works the same way. Flip through magazines, click on websites for inspiration or if you need some extra guidance, call in an Interior Designer. When you feel you have an idea of some looks that you like or a real vision, you're ready to get started measuring. To ensure you will have the very best tasting cake, measure all of your ingredients very, very wrong measurement in design and you could end up without enough fabric for a custom piece or a sofa that wil not even fit through doorway.

In order to make an excellent cake, all things start with a good foundation. Ask yourself, what type of tray will this cake be served on, or what kind of stand would make a good display? Do you have a clean space to bake in? You can compare these questions, the same way you might start an Interior Design project. How will I prep the space that I want to change? Is my room clutter free and ready to take on new decor? In order to build a good foundation for any design, It's important to clear out your room and start fresh.

When making a cake, it's all about layering. You will also find this to be true in Interior Design. You start with the base and continue to build. By developing layers and adding details, the design starts to evolve. How many tiers will your cake have and what kind of shape do you want it to be? When you are ready to create any new space, you start with the large elements first. By selecting furniture and area rugs first, this gives you a solid foundation to build on. When you picture your cake, you may want to consider different frosting colors, and how that will your color selection affect the overall look of the cake. When you picture your space, you may want to consider painting the room. Think about how the colors you select, will change the overall feel of a space. Have fun trying different cake flavors, adding frosting and embellishments; the same way you would bring in accent pillows, lighting and additional accessories. Remember, the rules of design can be blurred, the same way you may not necessarily agree with the taste of bacon doughnuts!

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