Subway Tile: it's classic, it's fairly inexpensive, it's ubiquitous. Obsessed with this look, but tired of seeing the same ordinary horizontal offset layout, often referred to as running bond? Maybe it's time to switch it up, and think vertically! Take that traditional little 3 x 6 and turn it 90 degrees, so the tiles run vertically. It's the subway tile you've seen pinned and posted so many times before, yet now it's a completely different look. The vertical pattern draws you eye in and up, creating drama and a new focal point. The vertical design will have all of your friends talking! Can't commit to going vertical?? Check out other tile pattern ideas: stacked (grout lines run straight) creates a modern look or tile rotated 45 degrees, gives you a fun angle and you simply can not go wrong with a herringbone pattern. With so many unique ways to lay subway tile, you are sure to find the perfect pattern that's fits your design style, or at least one that you can compromise on with your husband! Still can't decide, I'm here to help.

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