Are things finally winding down in your home after a fun filled summer?? We all know how easy it can be, to let things go during those long beach and pool days. Well, now it's time to look around the house and pay close attention to areas that could really use some order. Or maybe, you simply want to take this time to tidy up, before we go into full-blown holiday mode. Where should you start and what will keep you the most organized and feeling in control...sure you could dive in to the hall closet, or a junk drawer, but why not do something just for you?

Do you find yourself carrying your laptop or ipod from the sofa, then to the dining table, eventually dumping it off on your nightstand before bed? Or cramming a few bills and receipts in this drawer and that drawer, when you're expecting company? Designate a spot just for you. A place to tend to bills, correspondence, or perhaps even a blog. I'm not talking about the need to create and entire home office. You just need one wall for your personal command station. Trust me, it will change your life!

So let's talk secretary desks! Why are they so fabulous, because these little compact work stations are designed for small spaces. They can even multi-task, as an entertaining space for drinks or serving. Then, let's be honest, the best part is, you can close them up when you are done, and all of your stuff stays tucked away. Everything stays tidy, it's all in one space, and no more hunting for this or that. I have one in my guest room, and I just love it. With tons of options out there to choose from, Ballard Designs have some of my favorites.

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