If you have ever tried to match gold finishes, you already know it can be VERY challenging! I'm excited to be incorporating gold hardware, fixtures, and accessories into a powder room design, that I am currently working on. Although, I know the design is going to turn out absolutely amazing, first I have to navigate my way through all of the fancy marketing names for gold descriptions. We have champagne rustic, distressed gold, antique brass, gold leaf rustic, french brass and the list goes on and on. Do any of these names really tell us exactly what we need to know in order to select the perfect pairs?

In order to match the best gold tones, we need descriptions, lots and lots of descriptions. Even, then, I always call the sales person. If I can not see the product in person, sometimes I even ask them to take a picture and text it to me. Before you find yourself, in a sea of gold tone confusion, call me. I will take on every gold tone for you, because I know the final end result will be a stunning design, that is always worth all the effort.

On a side note, I'm so happy, because after searching everywhere for the perfect powder room mirror, to pair with the sconces, I found it...Hooray for my client! Then the dreaded back order news followed shortly after my search. So, the hunt continued, then finally after many phone calls, I located one last "Antique Brass" mirror at the Rejuvenation in LA. Thanks sales team!

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