For those of you that know me well, know that I am obsessed with Staycations! I know, I know, I don't sound very adventurous...but, if I only have a night or two, to get away in between projects, and need to re charge my battery, get me there fast. With so many amazing resorts to choose from on the west coast, it can be tough. For my birthday this month, I stayed at The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe. It was fabulous, like a little diamond in the rough. Although, I would hardly call Rancho Santa Fe roughing it...but, you get where I am going here. I have lived in San Diego my entire life, and this was my first visit to The Inn, and it definitely will not be my last.

In 1922, the community of RSF, was just starting to be developed. An amazing female architect named Lilian J. Rice, made her mark on Rancho Santa Fe. She was one of the first women to graduate from architecture school, at the University of California, Berkeley. Rice's first building, a guesthouse called La Morada, became the social focal point of the village. As The Inn sits up on top of the hill, its beautiful gardens, cozy lobby and sunlit patios, request your attention. The Inn, has recently undergone a wonderful remodel, and the architecture and design is highlighted, without compromising its historical roots. If you have not had the opportunity to experience this lovely property, treat yourself to a massage there, or grab a friend for lunch and sit back and relax!

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