An area rug can go from pretty to pesky in seconds! Are your area rugs slipping on your hardwood floors, or is your fur ball making it difficult to keep them in one place? This is an easy fix. By taking a little time and effort you, will be glad you addressed this issue. So, let’s get to your options…felt pads are great, if you just need extra cushion. They can create luxury, by adding a feeling of plushness. Pad grippers are a good idea for high traffic areas. Although, they tend to run on the thin side, I have found them to work quite well. I would stay clear of carpet tape, and resist the urge to tack area rugs down with any other double-sided tape on the market. They might be a quick fix to help stay in place short term, but potentially, they can create a long term problem and pull off your finish. For extra security, I also like to add Velcro stripes to the corners of the rug pad. Surya has some great pad options. If you are looking for indoor outdoor rugs, for high traffic areas, I have had some good luck with Ballard. They seem to hold up great to my little fur balls playful behavior!

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