While bar carts have been around for decades, we continue to find new and creative ways to style them. Traditionally, a bar cart always served the purpose of exactly what it is a BAR - CART. Well, in today's home, where space is in demand, we have become extremely insightful, in how we choose to use our furniture and accessories. So, if you have yet to use your bar cart, for anything, other than just mixing up your favorite libations for your guests, think again! Some of my favorite Top 10 uses for bar carts are below:

1. Wheel one into the bedroom for a surprise brunch.

2. Use it in your home office to hold a printer and office supplies.

3. Use an elegant one in a guest bath, to store extra towels and spa items for your guests.

4. Corral arts and crafts supplies on a cart in a kids play room.

5. Turn one into a fabulous jewelry display in your master bedroom.

6. Use one in the garden to display flowers and plants.

7. Use one in the kitchen for recipe books or as an open pantry.

8. Turn one into a dessert display during parties.

9. Fill one with baby supplies for easy access in the nursery.

10. Use as a night stand instead of a traditional table or dresser.

Email me a picture of how you are styling your bar cart this Spring!!

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