Fall will be over before we know it, and the holidays are pretty much in full effect. Are you starting to feel like you are getting pulled in every direction?? Is the remodel or refresh, you were hoping to get done before the end of the year, nowhere in sight! That's ok, take the pressure off yourself! Sit back, relax, and enjoy the holidays. When things start to calm down after New Year’s, give me a call. After 5 successful years, you can count on Cpm Studio to help alleviate the stress of your Interior Design project. Still not sure you really need an Interior Designer?? Let me breakdown the ways in which I can help:

1. Function. You can always tell when you walk in home if it was planned out by a professional, because of the spacing and layout. Designers always take into consideration, the scale and balance of a room. When it comes to form and function, the spacing and placement of furnishings, artwork and lighting are very important.

2. Mixing Finishes. Mixing metals, furniture styles, colors, and accessories is not for everyone. Today, everyone believes he or she is a designer, but mixing to many different finishes, can give an eclectic feel a hectic feel!

3. Professional Eye. When you are seeking out a designer/decorator to help you with your home, you want to make sure you are working with someone that is educated and experienced. Feel free to interview multiple people, until you find the right fit. TIP: Do pay for a proper consultation, and stay clear of people that offer complimentary consults. Your time is important, and a designer that charges a fee for an initial consultation, is saying, "I value our appointment and will put my best foot forward to help you, because I value my time as well".

4. $$$. I'm sure you have heard this before, but you will save money! Accidentally, ordering the wrong size furniture, paying too much for something, when you can find the same product for half the cost from another vendor. Going around in circles, trying to find reputable trades, or ordering gallons and gallons of the wrong paint color, because you rushed into it without consulting a designer first. I have heard all of these unfortunate scenarios from clients, but I'm here to help you avoid these situations.

5. Unique Solutions. A designer is going to create ideas you wouldn't normally think of. They will come up with clever designs, because they are looking at your space with a fresh perspective. Over time, we have a tendency to have a difficult time seeing out home beyond its full potential.

Sharing the 5 Reasons Why You Should Hire an Interior Designer above, is a great starting place! I will revisit this blog next year, because I could easily go on and on about this topic. I hope I have opened your eyes to the possibly of working together soon. If you still, are not ready to commit, we can meet for an Initial Consultation and you can get a feel for the design process, and decide where you would like to go from there. Think of it as dating;)

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