Where does a design idea begin you might ask? Often times, it comes in the middle of the night. I roll over in bed, turn on my Evernote app, and plug in the scattered brain of an idea. During this time, (which could be all of 1 AM, 3 AM or anytime really) I might mention, that I try to do this without getting caught by my husband, or disturbing my dog, that has taken over my pillow in the middle of the night. It has taken some practice over the years, but I have mastered the art, of not waking up my spouse, with the obnoxious glow of a bright cell phone screen!

The inspiration behind refreshing my Spring Porch Decor, came from one of these late night moments, but even more so, from a design book I started reading a few weeks back. It's called "Elements of Style, Designing a Home & A Life", by Erin Gates. This is a fantastic read, and I love the way Erin breaks down Interior Design. She talks a lot about function, and using every inch of our homes to their full potential...which brings me to the other day. I was standing on my porch and realized, multiple bags in hand, while trying to unlock the front door, I have no where to set a cup of coffee, drop my phone, or just set my mail if my hands are full. My house does not have a formal foyer area with a catch all space. So, I decided it was about time to add a console table to the porch. This idea, turned into wanting to entertain more on my porch and connect with neighbors walking by, spruce things up, and get ready for spring (even though I'm secretly praying winter will bring us some more rain)!

Check out my video blog, where I talk a little about the design elements I have incorporated into my porch design, and show a gallery below, where you can see it all come together!

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