Who knew indoor plants had so many incredible benefits?! Not only do they bring a space ALIVE, they add so many perks to your home and health. We love it when a design element looks good, but when it also serves a function, well that's just a bonus! Some of my favorite plant benefits include; the wonderful natural scents plants emit, their positive effect on our mental health and stress levels, and their ability to support a better nights rest.

Try using fragrant plants to fill your home with fresh smells, instead of using artificial air fresheners and candles. This is such a lovely way to freshen your home in a natural, chemical-free way. Add a plant with a citrus smell to your kitchen, or a flower blossom like jasmine to your powder room, and see how it boosts your mood.

While wonderful smells in your home are delightful, take into consideration some studies have shown that having plants can have many direct benefits as well. By regulating humidity and regulating carbon dioxide emissions in your home, plants have the ability to reduce stress, fatigue and enhance productivity. Try bringing a plant into your home office and place it on your desk. It will give you something wonderful to look at when your busy at work...let it take on the task of creating less stress, and more success.

After a long day of work, your ready for a good nights sleep, but that doesn't always happen. Now, I can't guarantee that if you bring a plant into your bedroom, that your insomnia will be cured, but studies have shown that the smell of certain plants trigger a state of tranquility, that will prepare you for a good night's rest. I particularly like lavender, to help me unwind after a long day, and guide me into a peaceful state. Check out some of my favorite plants below, and I hope I have inspired you to grab a pot and plant today. I've inspired myself, and I'm going to head to the flower market this afternoon and see what strikes my fancy!






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