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Vintage Home Decor

What is Cpm Studio?

It's simple really...after spending over a decade focusing on Interior Design, I found myself wondering what's next?  My first LOVE will always be Interior Design. The rush of feelings I experience on completion of an Interior Design project is fantastic!  While working with so many different trades can be very rewarding when it all comes together, it can also be a little challenging at times. 

When I wasn't practicing Interior Design, I found myself spending hours on                    and frequently thinking about the next custom craft design.  It wasn't until friends and family around me, started to point out how much JOY I was bringing them, by sharing a simple craft with others.  The best part about the art of crafting, is whatever it is that I'm creating, it's made solely, 100% by me!  Which means, no more waiting for the tile guy to show up on a job site or the sofa that's on back order to suddenly appear out of thin air! 

There's a Swedish word, Hygee, which means, life moments brimming with happiness and comfort.  Whether I'm creating personalized decor for parties, gift boxes, floral arrangements, or bridal shower hostess gifts, working with people and sharing moments of happiness,

brings me so much JOY!


Christen Paige Mills

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